Mark Fisher’s Suicide and Social Justice Mobbing

Bullying & Mobbing, Suicide, Theory as Weapon

Here is a link to one of the best articles that examines the complexities around Mark Fisher’s life and death

Mark Fisher was a Marxist activist who worked all his life to advance the rights of working people from all backgrounds. But, after he dared to critique the emerging culture of weaponized victimhood and bullying in the social justice movement in his famous essay “Exit From the Vampire Castle“, he was viciously crucified by the social justice mobs. He committed suicide last year.

Early on, at the beginning of the rise of what Fisher called “Identitarianism” in leftist/social justice political movements and subcultures, he was one of the first publicly known activists to sound the alarm. And that his death was ridiculed, mocked and even celebrated by his critics should give us pause.