Helen Pluckrose Explains Postmodernism’s Impact on the West

Postmodernism, Social Justice Ideology

We added another piece to what we are calling an “emerging canon” of works by thoughtful writers and thinkers who seek to bring us back to a more balanced and reality-based approach to social justice and human rights. Without a doubt, Helen Pluckrose of Areo Magazine has worked diligently and rigorously to educate people about the theoretical underpinnings of Social Justice Ideology (SJI).

Below is the description from the Social Justice Reformation home page.

How French Intellectuals Ruined the West: Postmodernism and Its Impact Explained

This piece is also from Areo Magazine, and it was written by Helen Pluckrose, the current editor. While both Pluckrose and James Lindsay gained wider recognition for a 2018 experiment in which they exposed the theoretical over-reach and support for abusive practices in postmodernist/social justice academic journals, they have been laying the groundwork for understanding SJI for several years.

What Gaslighting isn’t

Postmodernism, Psychology, Social Justice Ideology
This article explores the details of gas lighting behaviors and warns the reader not to overuse the term to describe behaviors that are not in fact gas lighting.
 Victims of genuinely sociopathic behaviors and relentless bullying campaigns often develop hypervigilance later in life where they see bullying, gas lighting, abuse and evil everywhere. This hypervigilant style also occurs in those whose ideology trains them to seek out heresy and wrongness everywhere.
 It’s a tricky thing. We don’t want to be caught off guard by those who are truly sociopathy and wish to play with us for their own amusement. Yet, we also want to make sure we’re not throwing around words like “bullying”, “gaslighting”, “hate”, and “abuse” when we are having disagreements with people. These words not only cast unfair aspersions upon innocent people.
 They also lose their value when we do this because people begin to roll their eyes when the real thing finally comes along.